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Application Development

AGE Technology develops bespoke website application solutions that streamline business operations, save costs, enhance efficiencies and increase customer satisfaction levels. Our web applications are combined with technical expertise and open source technologies.

Our application development experts are trained to handle each project in a unique manner in order to incorporate client ideas into the process of website application development. Each web application is created with respect to the requirements of the clients to help them achieve best results within the specified budget. Our technical team converts your ideas into an effective customised web application that is a combination of our technical expertise and business domain knowledge.


Contract Vehicles

Avant-Garde Engineering Technology, LLC (AGe), has a variety of contract vehicles that agencies can use when doing business with AGe. Using established vehicles or schedules offers our clients rapid, flexible options to access a full range of our professional, logistical, and technical services.  Our portfolio of contract vehicles and GSA Schedules are listed below:


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Point of Contact

Marcellus Major
Chief Executive Officer

Avant-Garde Engineering Technology, LLC

10015 Old Columbia Road, Columbia, MD 21046


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Contract #: GS00Q17GWD2345

SBA 8(a) Business Development Program 





System Design and Software Architecture

The world is becoming increasingly dependent on software as an essential element of the ubiquitous cell phone, as well as complex air traffic control systems. In fact, many of the innovations that we now take for granted -- including organizations such as eBay or Amazon -- simply wouldn't exist if it weren't for software.

Even traditional organizations, such as those found in the finance, retail, and public sectors, depend heavily on software. In this day and age, it's difficult to find an organization that isn't, in some way, in the software business.

In order for such innovations and organizations to survive, the software they depend on must provide the required capability, be of sufficient quality, be available when promised, and be delivered at an acceptable price.

AGE Technology has the experience, resources and tailored strategy ensure your application is built to the highest standards.