AGE Tech


Are you tired of managing an overly complex IT infrastructure for your business? Are you puzzled with employees desperately wanting to bring their own device into your network? Is Disaster Recovery still a challenge for your company?

We deliver

We deliver businesses like yours with fixed, all -inclusive monthly fee- based Desktop-as-a-Service using the latest enterprise graded desktop virtualization technology. It provides high quality user experience anytime, anywhere using any device while keeping all your business data private and secure. With the our Desktop-as-a-Service your office IT becomes easy, flexible and cost-effective.

Globalization of businesses, mobility of workforce, work-from-home culture and Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) are amongst the main various socio-economic factors that trigger businesses of all sizes to look at desktop virtualization to deliver on its promise.

With Desktop-as-a-Service offer our goal is to provide highly affordable but sophisticated user experience for Windows desktop and applications in a hosted environment.

New desktops can be created and tuned with just a few clicks. Users can bring in their own devices and access their business data anytime, anywhere from our secure environment. Our Desktop-as-a-Service reduces Total Cost of ownership, enables a productive mobile work style while all at a fixed monthly fee.

And most importantly, our Desktop-as-a-Service offer takes away all the complexity from your business IT.

Functionality Included

With our Desktop-as-a-Service you do not not only get a simple Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform. We go all the way! We take care of providing the Windows CAL’s along with all the essential list of applications that most business users need.

All of this delivered for one fixed monthly fee!